Thoughts from the parent of two eagle scouts

From : Mary Lund

Here is the testimony for Troop 498: 

Our oldest boy joined Troop 498 in 2005, our second boy in 2007.  The troop was transitioning to new Scoutmasters.  These two men injected a love of the outdoors in to our boys.  This provided our boys to not just book learn, but to truly "learn by doing".  They became experts in light-weight backpacking, tying knots for tarp shelters, surviving dark, rainy nights, and loving nature.  

From My Son;
The transition to cub scouts, where I was den leader, to boy scouts was hard for me as a mom.  There was definitely a chaotic feel to the Troop meetings I attended.  But, eventually, I learned what boy-led means.  It means that the boys have to respect each other, learn from each other, and pick each up other up when one boy does not bring the sausages on the backpacking trip.  

The bonds they shared with these boys means a lot to them now.  It was incredibly special to have five returning Eagle Scouts in uniform at my younger sons Eagle Court of Honor.  They came because they are a part in each other's success, as well as failures.

Our troop is small, it allows for boys to participate, and not necessarily achieve all the ranks.  The important message is to come and be a part of the experience, to grow, and to have fun together.  We were so fortunate to find Troop 498.