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2016 Webelos Invitational

        On October 21, 2016, the troop set out on their annual Webelos Invitational--An outing dedicated to convincing Webelos to join us. The next morning, a handful of Webelos and scouts who were too lazy to come early to set up arrived at Caswell Memorial State Park, where the scouts who had left on Friday had already set up their tents. The rest of the troop and the Webelos set up their tents, then the patrols went on their separate hikes, each one at a different time. After the patrols returned from their hikes, we did skills for the rest of the day. After we got back, we did the...(drumroll please)...Patrol Dessert Competition(To be read in dramatic voice).
        Finally, we get to the best part...The skits!!! This is the one outing during which we actually do skits, which makes it one of the best ones. Too bad we only do it once a year. 
    After that, many of the younger scouts went to bed, while the older scouts stayed up playing cards until about one in the morning. In the morning, some of us left while others remained behind for a community service project. And that's pretty much it. 
    To conclude, Webelos Invitational is essentially a 36-hour long ad for our troop to convince Webelos to join. Further information on Webelos Invitational may or may not be on the Webelos Invitational page.